Saturday, September 03, 2005

Working correctly... we hope!

Peter managed to get the routing to work now which is a great relief to both of us. So now we have main and backup entry points into our system for our partners. We'll have to watch it over the next few weeks, but it should make it more reliable.

In doing this, we found that the dynamic DNS system was not doing quite what it should. Ooops? What's DNS? The Internet runs on numbers, rather like telephone numbers, but numbers are very difficult to remember. Well, they are for most of us. I mean instead of typing if you had to type, you'd find it pretty difficult pretty quickly. The DNS system is what allows you to type something user-friendly and looks up the number automatically for you.

Bacause of the sort of connection we use, one of our two connections changes its number every so often and we have a system that should automatically tell the DNS what the new number is. So part of my time yesterday and today was updating that system so that it now does it correctly.

Alongside this I was updating the 'fault reporting system' so that partners can tell us when something is not working. The new system sends Peter and I an SMS message when someone notices something wrong. Sometimes its the other way round... one of the radio stations we host on the Internet is having problems and we told the partner about it so they can rectify it. Really that's the name of the game. None of us can do it all, we all work together to achive a common goal.

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You need a fix IP.....
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