Wednesday, September 28, 2005

UK arrival... then 2 computers later

We flew overnight on Sunday night - the check-in time as 02:30 for an 04:30 flight. They brought breakfast at the start of the flight rather than the end of the flight. The two vegetarian meals for Sue and Daniel came as hoped for... and it was uneventful and normal boring flight... Which is what you really want... and exciting flight is definitely not what you want. There is as you may know a Chinese curse 'May you live in interesting times'.

Yesterday we got some glues to repair both my notebook computer [now 4 years old and showing it!] and my mobile phone [I managed to get a second hand one from an Egyptian friend, but it needed repair too].

There are many family things to do while we are here. Both Timothy and Daniel inherrited some money recently and both are spending it on instruments. Today we went to let Daniel try out some clarinets. He needs a better one to progress. Timothy wanted a full 88 key keyboard and both wanted notebook computers. So today we got Timothy his keyboard and both the boys got their noetbook computers. Apple MACs. When we get funds for the organization to replace my notebook we will probably get an Apple MAC the same as the boys. They are much lighter than my notebook as as I do a lot of travelling I would love a lighter computer.

Now, using a shared Internet connection all three of us have our notebook computers on the dining room table of my mother.

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