Sunday, September 11, 2005


Just back from a trip to Egypt. Wherever you travel in the Middle East people warn you about tummy bugs. I forget all the names, I remember there's 'Jordan Jip', 'Beirut Bug' and the 'Cairo Curse' to name but a few. These are caused by water born bugs, and for the first time ever I succummed to the dreaded 'Cairo Curse'. This laid me up in bed for a large part of Saturday, but it came and went quickly and I'm now back (almost) to normal.

The reason for the trip was to set up a project for a big website. We were needing a programmer, designer and webmaster - all Arabic speakers. So with a colleague from the USA I was visiting some of the people we work with to talk through the proposal for the project. It was good to meet face-to-face again with the people that I normally only meet on an instant message chat or email.

The meetings went well and we managed to do all the meetings we needed in the few short days we were there.

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