Friday, September 23, 2005

3 days and counting...

Three days to go before we leave for the UK. The new leaflets arrived and look OK. The printer we use was the first ISO9001 registered printer on the island. ISO9001 is an interesting standard - most standards are to do with quality of work, ISO9001 is to do with matching what you say you will do. So, for instance, if you say you will manufacture doors with a tolerance of 10 cm then making a 2 metre door 2.10 metres is acceptable. For printers it's fine - for instance, if they say it will be ready at 12:00 on Friday, it will be ready at 12:00 on Friday. OK that may not sound amazing, but it is amazing for the culture of the Middle East.

We also finalized an outline for 3 project proposals to a US foundation and sent it off. It was a useful process as it meant Peter and I had to think through exactly what we felt God wanted us to be doing. They wanted an 'executive summary' which is a challenging task, every word has to count and you have to distil the project to its core.

Unfortuneatly our ever so friendly mechanical workshop is not ISO9001 registered, which means that although they promised to collect the dingy trailer on Tuesday and bring it back by today, they have not even collected it... which measn sadly I won't get a day sailing tomorrow.

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