Monday, September 05, 2005

Guests and meetings

Yesterday a guest from another organization related to ours flew in from the USA. Not diectly, but that's where he's from. He is staying for a few days in our office guest room.

Today he and I were meeting to discuss a project we hope to work together on over the next year or so. It's an Arabic portal site, with significant content and a growing audience. The audience is from all over the Arabic speaking world including a sizable number from Saudi Arabia.

Up till now the site has been a bit of a muddle. It has proven the concept if you like, but now we have been asked to be involved in supervising the development to get it to a much larger fully operational position. It will involve co-ordinating Arabic speaking designers, programmers and system administrators. So later this week we fly to Egypt to meet the team we are putting together.

Meetings sometimes feel like 'just all talk' but its often in the planning of projects that they succeed or fail. The next two days will be full of such planning meetings.

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