Saturday, September 17, 2005


So the last three days has been all change [yes, that does include much of Saturday!] On Thursday afternoon Peter and I started a discussion about how we communicate what we do with others... also known as 'publicity'. Thursday afternoon was taken up with discussing what we need, who we need to communicate with and how we should do it. All with with a publicity budget of nothing. Essential is some leaflets. We shall just have to find money for that!

Friday with Peter and then some of Saturday with the family we spent discussing text and images for the leaflet. What I am finding is that I am really disconnected from the people we are trying to do this publicity for. I have ideas about what people in the Middle East think - maybe not 100% accurate, but I feel that I have less ideas about what people in the UK think. For instance, Peter was feeling that the buzz around the UK is about post July 7th bombings in London and that was affecting everyone's perception of work in the Middle East. I have no idea really what people in the UK are feeling.

So that makes me feel quite strange about all this publicity... will it work? will it communicate? will it excite people? will it bore them? What we really need is people in the UK to come out here, find out what we do and then them write publicity... it's all about knowing your audience [as I tell people out here in the Middle East] and I don't really know the buzz of the UK now.

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