Thursday, September 29, 2005

Glued together...

I got Araldite and Superglue today, and successfully glued back together the two old bits of equipment I use that really need replacing.

The 'new' mobile phone I bought second hand off an Egyptian friend when my phone stopped doing GPRS [Internet connection over a mobile phone] and also started behaving eratically when charging. The one I got second hand does the GPRS correctly, has a colour screen, which I find much easier to read with my eyes getting older, but has the same problem with charging. The top flap had cracked in four places - the previous owner had repaired one place, and I managed to repair two more with Superglue and hopefully the final one will stay together for a while at least.

The Araldite was for my notebook computer. It's now four years old and has been used extensively every day [almost] in those four days - I reckon its been used for about 10,000 hours now. Anyhow, about a year ago one of the top mounting pieces of plastic broke. It's purely [well, almost purely] cosmetic, so that's OK. However, more recently the hinge to the screen broke, with a piece of the plastic even falling out. I have managed to fill the gap with Araldite and hopefully this will give the computer a little more life.

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