Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meeting people...

There are about 1500 people at the conference that we are working at from all over the world. Our main job is to film interviews with people about the 'core values' of the organization so that new people coming into it may learn from the old stagers what its about.

We have a list of about 30-40 people who would be good to interview... but... have you ever tried to find 30 people in 1500? Then agree times to meet to film them? It's proving quite a task in itself.

What is interesting are the other meetings that take place unplanned... well... I say unplanned, but I guess God is doing the planning! I met for dinner with the missions pastor from a large church in the USA. We were both sharing what we were doing here and what our interests were...

What was facinating in this divine appointment was he had a guy in his church who wanted to set up a registry of media professionals who wanted to use some of their time per year for the Lord. We have a project where we want to bring out media professionals to work alongside and mentor people from the Middle East so that they learn to do some of the bigger projects better.

Coming out from dinner I met the wife of a sound mixer from the USA whose husband is just finishing a college course and is praying about what is the next step in their life... I'll meet him later in the week.

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