Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Buying more things wastes even more time!

I ordered a couple of special hard drives to come to my mother's house to try to overcome the problem with the video editing computer. They are significantly cheaper in the UK and the company sent me an email order confirmation saying that it was dispatched on the 7th August and would take 1-2 days to reach her. Being a trusting kind of guy, I believed them.

I arrive at my mother's and there is a new memory chip for our digital camera, plus some family things [ did it correctly again].

The following day I go to Brighton to pick up some components we need for the office. In particular I need some relays to modify our 'Telephone Balance Unit' to work remotely, plus red light relays so we know when mics are live.

A Telephone Balance Unit is the piece of equipment that allows you to do 'phone in' shows on radio and we want to start doing those this autumn. The equipment we bought works very well... but the button on the front is stupid, it's way too small for me to get even my small fingers into it, so that's why we wanted a remote for it with a reasonable sized button.

Anyway on the way to Brighton in the car I suddenly think "Ooops, what about the hard drives?" and as soon as I get back I send a message to the company concerned. They reply almost immediately that there had been an 'operational problem' at the courier company and that I would get them before I left.

Sadly this company totally failed and they had not delivered by the time I left. So now I am faced with the problem of getting it sorted out. These things waste so much time, no wonder the UK companies don't compete well in the world market!

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