Sunday, August 28, 2005

It worked! [at last]

Finally completed the conference video that was wanted urgently. I don't know how many times I tried rendering it... I have lost count. I started on Friday and then every few hours over the weekend I would walk to the office to check it had worked... and it hadn't. It was so frustrating. I like equipment to work - or at very least have a reliable fault you can fix. This was just plain flaky.

I had made the DVD masters and I was trying to make the Video CD masters. Every time it would stop or freeze at a different place. I would try this and that and the other to try and fix it... then leave it for a few hours to while it should work and it would fail again. Its the part of the work I hate.

Eventually I traced it to a faulty RAID card [the RAID card is the thing that turns two normal hard disks into one very big, very fast hard disk for video editing]. It's another casualty of the upgrade. One of the new 'caddys' that enable us to swap hard disks around was faulty and totally wrote off a new RAID card and one of our original RAID cards, and it appears that it damaged this one. The problem is that you cannot buy the RAID cards we need in Cyprus. So we are dead in the water so to speak...

Anyway, at least its finished now, so I can send off copies to the UK head office, and I actually completed 2/3 of what I intended this week.

Tomorrow is a new week!

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