Saturday, August 20, 2005

Defenders 2 Attackers 1

I wont tell you all the gory details of the attack. Firstly you probably wouldn't understand and secondly if you did you might work out some other vulnerabilities from what I tell you.

What I can tell you is that the break-in was not as serious as we first imagined. We are pretty sure we know where the break-in occured and how it happened. We have added extra 'bolts on the doors' so to speak, however, although we have added the extra security there is no way to make any server 100% invulnerable [certainly not the way the hacker got in] so please pray for the security of the servers.

It took ages to find - to start with I was looking for more subtle, cleverer break-ins. To find that it was simpler was actually reassuring. Anyhow, finished all that about 4am this morning. What was annoying was the bad service from the hosting company in London. They guarantee a reboot within 15 minutes. It actually took 4 hours, during which time I was waiting for them. Earlier in the week Peter had to wait 17 hours for the reboot. the exuse they gave was that they couldn't find the server among the tens of thousands of servers in the hosting company!

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