Tuesday, August 16, 2005

End of filming...

Well... the conference came to an end and we completed about 22 interviews, 7 seminar recordings and one advertising piece. The final interview was completed as people were getting on coaches to go home... we worked right up to the last minute!

The two of us on the crew both wished we had borrowed our wives step meters to measure how far we walked.

I caught the coach back to London and then went to the south coast to visit my mother for a couple of days. I think I had more than 50kg in total so was horrified with the number of stairs to go up and down at the railway stations.

I was ever so thankful when my mother offered to pay for a taxi to the airport so that I wouldn't have to go up and down all those the stairs again.

She came with me to the airport and reckoned I got away with the extra baggage through flirting with the check-in girl... hmmm... I'm sure it was just God opening the the door for me!

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