Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Well this is day 2 and we have so far completed 1 interview, and he was over 1 hour late for the appointment. The content was very good though.

I'm working with a colleague from Malta on this project [he's the guy on the camera]. I think we will both be very fit by the end of the conference. It's about 1 mile up and down hills between the main conference site and our accomodation. It's a mile in the other direction to many of the locations for filming.

We have also been filming some of the plenary sessions, which have been excellent. The main plenary that is wanted for distribution after the event will be tomorrow.

I was slightly concerned about all the equipment arriving OK, as I had ordered some extra pieces in the UK [along with all the tapes we needed for filming]. But PTL everything arrived safely.

The new tiny sound mixer/hard disk recorder [Edirol R4] we were given a month ago is excellent and really makes things very much easier. We are so thankful to people that come alongside us and help us with these gifts.

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