Saturday, March 24, 2007

Week of mixtures

Been a mixed week. We had meetings at the beginning of the week with one of our partners. They have appointed a new Internet manager and he spent two days with us going over things. It clarified in my mind how what we are doing is important, but we have maybe 20% of the manpower and resources needed to do the stuff. And its running us dry [Peter and I] trying to do it. One question came up "If you stop doing this, who would you recommend we go to?" The answer is that there is nobody who can take over what we are doing in some areas at all.

Alongside this we had one of the programmers we work with over from Egypt at the start of a one month visit. He is developing a second website with us and starting on a third. If these are as effective as the first one this will be tremendous. I wish I could describe what these sites will be about, but... hmmm.... sorry, cannot!

And alongside this Peter was working on the new upgrade to the email system and I have been helping with some of the database functions for that. We hope to make the upgrade live next week.

Other think I did was build an autocue unit. This is fully described with pictures in my equipment notes blog so I won't repeat it here.

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