Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pictures and sound

The ongoing saga of video editing... I am now trying to complete a dub of a film from Arabic to Farsi. We were getting on well and then the transfer from Windows to mac took place. Should be easy mac can read Windows files. Hmmm... never expect anything to be easy. In the process I found out that the Windows machine had been making corrupt files. Although this explains a lot [like why we were getting problems on the Windows machine] it means that I have had to start from the beginning with the picture edit for the dub.

'Picture edit? I thought this was a sound dub...' I hear you mutter. Yes it is, but the opening and closing captions have to be replaced with Farsi rather than Arabic, and the original Arabic pictures don't match the new audio. So I have to re-edit that.

Peter has been involved with upgrading the email system, which is taking a lot longer than he hoped. Its pretty complex keeping up with all the changes to email to try to defeat spam.

Alex has been relaying a big prayer conference this week. We had over 4,400 listeners connecting over 38,000 times over the 4 days to listen to it live and nearly 3,000 viewers connecting over 18,000 times to watch it [either live or pre-recorded].

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