Friday, February 23, 2007

A week in the life...

Monday morning, starts week normally: Catch up with things like email and prepare for trip to another country. Late afternoon: fly to other country, arrive late evening. Dinner with colleagues, starting around 10pm. After dinner one colleague shares with me his problems till approx 2.30am.

Tuesday morning... ahhhh... start work at 8.00am. Which is very bad news for me, being up at 2.30am the previous night was relatively easy, but starting to try to think about complex issues to do with web site design at 8.00am is positively tortuous. But I cannot start later as we have meetings planned for most of the day. So the first web site meeting ends at 2.00pm and I have lunch meeting with another partner till approx 5.00pm. Then go to another partner organization and start measuring up office space to see if a new department can use the office space: There are 5 offices to measure and try layouts for. Discuss the needs of this department and go to another meeting at 7.00pm. This is meeting over dinner, and ends at 11pm. Final meeting of the day from 11pm till 12.30am. Oh no it isn't... a colleague wants to talk so we do so till 2.00am again.

Wednesday morning... even more difficult to start at 8.00am but somehow I do. Today is an even more complex website design planning meeting and goes on till 1.30pm when I go to another lunch meeting with another partner organization. Meeting ends at 5.oopm and you probably guessed already its time for another meeting. But you'd be wrong... I get a short break and hmmm... meet informally other colleagues who want to discuss things... followed by a dinner discussion with a colleague and the next meeting starts at 8.00pm and goes on till midnight, when I collect some covers and cases I had made and go to where I am staying and again I have a colleague sharing with me till the small hours.

Thursday morning... joy of joys we start at 9.00am... well 10.00am would be better but never mind. Continuing on the complex website design meeting we started yesterday. This goes on right through lunch [and actually we all forget to eat] till I go to the airport at 3.00pm to catch a plane at 5.00pm. Now I am not sure if I should be pleased or not, but the airports have WiFi internet connections so I continue to chat [this time online] finishing off a discussion about another project till I board at 5.00pm

Friday morning... back in my own office so I start work at 10.30am and work through till 6pm. I think I worked out I had about 46 hours of meetings from Monday night through till Thursday night. I think I probably did a a more than 70 hour week this week so I am more than 'vaguely tired', but cannot sleep... so up writing the blog.

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Phil said...

I always enjoy your posts (guess my IT & admin background helps); I am always amazed at the hours you pull.

While you might be in sleep deficit I am glad you chose to post.

The long hours are tge price for living in a great part of the world. (We first visited last year when best friends moved to Limassol from Corfu.


Phil Ferris