Thursday, February 01, 2007

Of mice and men...

Last week Peter and I had a quiet stroll around Europe... well not exactly, we checked in at 01:30 on Monday morning, flew overnight to London Heathrow, got a bus to London Gatwick and spent the day planning the meetings for the rest of the week. We then got a plane to Malta arriving there around 10:00pm and went into a meeting till approx 3:00am.

The following morning we were up and travelling to another part of the island by 9:00am to get to a meeting which went on all day. That evening we travelled back across the island [OK, it is small I'll give you that] to another meeting which fortuneately finished by about 11:00pm.

Next day... informal meetings all day and in evening with yet another agency. We went into this meeting hoping we could 'give away' some of the work we did to them. Unfortuneately they went into the meeting with the hope they could give away some of their work to us! Oh well, at least we know we are both overloaded.

Following morning, up and catch a flight back to London Gatwick, then pick up a rental car and drive to Birmingham. Rental car was amazing, it had one mile on the clock, really really nice. On the way up the M40, Peter was driving and I was logging on via GPRS [that's internet over your mobile phone] to sort out problems in our centre here in Cyprus. Thursday evening: Meeting with board of trustees.

Friday morning, up again and drive to the south coast to meet two groups of people from another organization. Lunch with one group and afternoon with another. Great meetings and 'can I sleep sometime please?' Phone call from Cyprus studio, they are having problems, so pull into service station and GPRS in again and fix it. [My comment: "Red light on means studio on air, red light off means off air, would have saved time if you told me the red light was off!"]

Then over to my mother's house for a couple of days, [where I did sleep!] pick up some software I had delivered to her and go to Brighton to buy some other that hadn't been delivered and catch a flight back to Cyprus.

So, into the office, first day back and I go to the control centre, hit the keyboard to bring it to life and... nothing! Follow wires through and find that the wire to the keyboard are broken. Think terrible thoughts about the people who were in on Friday and wonder how they managed to pull the cable so hard to break it. Hmmm... just a moment... that looks like teeth marks, very small teeth marks... and on that cable too, and that one... hmmm... MICE!

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